ResponsibilityResponsibility for our products will always be at the core of our corporate responsibility. Here, we are driven by our ethical standards as well as our high expectations for our products in terms of safety and environmental compatibility.

In the manufacture of our products, we seek to impact the environment as little as possible. Safety, environmental protection and quality management are absolutely essential to this goal. For that reason the main focuses for ISOLAB are on using less energy and fewer resources and lowering the emissions that result during the manufacture of glass. Thus, in the areas of product development and manufacturing, we work hard to minimize the impact of these activities on the environment and constantly improve protection of the environment.

ISOLAB continues to systematically extend its ecological commitment by introducing environmental friendly products and technologies. Therefore innovation, research and development are of great importance for us in order to renovate our vision, keep pace with the rapid changes in the dynamic markets and most importantly, to fulfill the customer demands more accurately whilst keeping the overall image of ISOLAB in the minds of diverse publics, such as our customers, suppliers and employees as responsible as possible.

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